Stump Removal

If you just need your stumps removed we can help you. From average Blue gum stumps to monstrous 1.5m diameter pine stumps we have an option to best suit your job. The Ahwi RT800 tracked stump grinder is our preferred and most popular machine to destroy stumps.

This method has also been used for old pine tree removal. We can cut down the trees, immediately stack and burn the trees then grind the stumps. This method provides a level site immediately allowing the land owner to use the site straight away, rather than wait till the trees and stumps can be burnt at a later date.

If the job doesn’t suit stump grinding we offer V-Shearing or a stump cutter bar. Both of these attachments mount onto a dozer, they offer a cost effective result on jobs with small stumps or pine harvest debris.

Stump Grinding Services in Victoria & South Australia