Forestry Reversion

Forestry reversion, means to return ex forestry land back to the farming land it previously was before the trees were planted. We have vast experience in returning Blue Gum stump land back to productive farm land.

Since 2014 Nuland Contracting has reverted over 15,000 acres. Every job is different, variables such as soil type, stump size, terrain, location, harvest method, seasonal and environmental challenges, can make this a challenging task. These factors need to be recognised before work commences to ensure the job is completed properly. We have 3 proven reversion techniques that pivot around budget and timeframe, they involve stump grinding, V-shearing and V-blading.

We have the following machines for reversion work:

  • AHWI Raptor 800, 650HP Purpose built Stump Grinder
  • 2x John Deere tractors 450+hp
  • Tow behind, 7 Pin Wheel Symonds Rake
  • Heavy gauge Scrub Chains
  • 9M Grizzly Offset Discs
  • 11M Diamond Disc Chain with Bute Chain
  • 5M Heavy duty stick rake on Komatsu D85 Dozer
  • Serrated edge V-Shear mounted on Komatsu D85 Dozer
  • V-Blade mounted on John Deere Tractor, used to cut and part the slash in the interrow, and move it onto the stump row
  • 20T Wheel Loader with Custom Built Grab

Forestry Reversion Services in Victoria & South Australia