Good soil preparation is an important part of establishing a new or existing tree plantation. Over the past 4 years we now have trialled and tested techniques that give proven survival rates no matter what site we are working on. For example we have the ability to rip and mound with dozer and Savannah plough on a clean site, or coulter, V-Rake and mound with a dozer and skidder on a messy site.

We have a following machines for site prep work:

  • 2x Komatsu D85-15 dozers, attachments include Savannah V-Shear, Savannah ploughs, 2.4m coulter, 5m scrub rake
  • 3x CAT 525C skidders, attachments include Savannah ploughs, Davec V-Rakes, 3000L dual application interrow spray rigs
  • V-Blade mounted on John Deere Tractor, used to cut and part the slash in the interrow, and move it onto the stump row, to allow for a clean, Ripped Mound free of slash

Reforestation Services in Victoria & South Australia